Thursday, May 30, 2013

hati yang lapang

Mau seberapa menyakitkan sebuah kejadian, jika kita mempunyai hati selapang lautan, ditumpahkan racun paling mematikan se-kontainer sekalipun, tetap akan larut, tidak terasa.

Tetapi kalau hati itu sempit, satu tetes berbisa saja cukup untuk membuat hidup kita 'binasa' sehari, seminggu, bahkan berbulan-bulan.

Melapangkan hati adalah pekerjaan panjang, perlu latihan, berkali-kali jatuh-bangun, dan jelas membutuhkan ilmu dan pemahaman baik. Tidak mengapa gagal, besok lusa tidak terasa hatinya sudah semakin luas.

--Tere Liye

Saturday, May 11, 2013

complicated melody

ぱじ (Paji)

Its been so sooo long since i've watched a really good movie. I was about to start working on my presentation for next Monday when i stumbled on this movie. I really don't know why but i just couldn't help myself, so i decided to watch it instead *don't you just hate the power of procrastination hehe*

but..It turned out to be a really really good movie!! I think it's top 5 in my list of favourite movies. I didn't even feel sorry that i didn't do my presentation because of it hehehe

Its a story about a 71 year old grandfather who raised his granddaughter all by himself. In Japanese "grandpa" is "Ojiisan" and because Momo (the name of the granddaughter) didn't have a father anymore, thats why she called her grandpa "Pa-Ji". (Papa + Ojiisan).

What i really liked about this movie was how sweet the grandfather was. Even though he seems tough but he really had a warm and loving heart. The chemistry between Paji and Momo was just perfect! 

I wouldn't want to tell you more and spoil the movie for you, so try watching it for yourself, i think you'd like it too. Don't forget to prepare lots and lots of tissue! I think i used up half a box watching this. :")
Well, it's almost 2.30am and i still can't get over this movie, plus my eyes are too puffy and swollen it's hard to sleep. (Yes, thats how much i loved this movie hehe)