About "dhillaughter"

if you're wondering what dhillaughter is, its actually a combination of my nickname; "Dhilla" with the word laughter .
hmm, why laughter you might ask? well, i dont really know actually, in fact i was thinking of random words to go with my name and suddenly the word laughter popped in my head.
Almost everyone i know calls me Dhilla. You might think you know me, well at least you know my name, but i guess you will never know my real stories.

5 random things about dhilla :
[#1] i was born in a really really really small town called Armidale, a town of only 25,000 people (today, and it was even fewer back when i was born) where more than half of the population are foreign students. its so small that every born baby will be printed in the local news. hehe, i still have mine to this very day, maybe i'll scan it when i get the chance.

[#2] i cook! hehe, please remember that i said i cook (and bake too); i didn't say i can though, there's a really big difference there, i just said "i cook (bake)", i like doing it even though i'm not good at it, and i looove experimenting new dishes. one of my childhood dreams was to have a small bakery, with lots of pretty cakes, muffins and cookies, combined with a flower shop right beside it. who knows, maybe some day it might just come true. :]

[#3] ever since i knew there was such thing as a favorite color, i always choose blue. and until now blue still is my favorite color. my favourite shade of blue is turquoise! :)

[#4] honestly, i'm a pessimistic with a pretty low self esteem. i'm a thinker and worrier of possibilities that have a big chance of not ever happening. it's hard for me to get mad, and sometimes it's hard for me to just defend myself. i know i often get underestimated because of it, i feel people always forget what i have accomplished but the things i fail are brought up to the surface over and over again, but what can i say, no one is perfect (?). and i am definitely not even near that perfect category.

[#5] i like being mysterious. what i write in my blog is just a small portion of the things i really feel. i'm not the type of person that will tell you what i feel in my facebook status, or tweet it in my twitter account. even though sometimes i really do want to share what i feel deep inside, but i don't, i can't and usually i won't, hihi, i'm sorry but i don't really trust this virtual world. there are some people i do tell my stories to, and there is a person that i feel, knows me better than i know myself. i'd love to share all the bubbly stories i've been through, but i'm choosing to keep this to myself. :}

anyways, thanks for dropping by! comments are always appreciated cause i'd love to make many new friends! :)