Saturday, December 31, 2011

GOOD-bye 2011

Can you imagine that it's gonna be 2012 soon? Time goes by so fast doesn't it? It's so weird that it feels as if I've been living here for so long, doing the same routine, going to school (or should I say university?), doing cleaning service for dear OBS that has been so kind and hopefully will always be kind (hihihi, maafkan dhilla si pemalas yang akhir-akhir ini suka "susah" buat berangkat baito pagi), teaching Shinju & Sango, and now a new part time job.  It feels a lot has happened in such a short time, but it also feels like there was and is never enough time.. Confused? Yeah, me too, sorry for rambling like this, but when ever i talk about time, i have a lot to say but have no idea how to say it or even how to start, hehe (peace )

Have you seen the new movie called "In Time"? Well, i thought it was great! This movie really enlightened the viewers that the saying "Time is money" is not just a saying. The setting of the movie is a life when time really is money, you had to work to get time, and you used your time to spend on things just as if it was money, the only difference is that if you didn't have any more time, then you would die right that instant. I wouldn't want to spoil the movie for those who want to watch it, so i'm just gonna say that there's a big chance after watching it you'd  appreciate the time that has been given to you. As a muslim, since i was just a kid i'm always reminded that human beings are in big loss, except for people that can use their time wisely; people that believe, do good deeds, and help others in need (Al-Ashr : 1-3). Sometimes i forget, but my new resolution for 2012 is that hopefully i can use my time more wisely. 

2011 has been a wonderful year, just like the years before it has gave me an endless amount of lessons and experiences. And again, i feel Allah has blessed me with so much, while i have given so little. Many, many things to be grateful for this year. And I'm hoping for another wonderful year to come, a year where i can be a better daughter, sister, student, friend, co-worker -- mainly everything i already am and everything i will be in the future.

Happy new year everyone 

fallen for Instagram

Lately i've been posting a lot of my pictures in instagram! Instagram is a free app available for iPod, iPhone, and iPad, and yesss i'm addicted! hehehe, i love the fact that i's so simple but yet unique! I think its really helpful for people like me that loves photography but doesn't have any suitable equipment to support this so called passion, hehe! Does anyone else have an intagram account? If you like, you could visit mine at "dhillaughter" 

See you!! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

smells like a memory

right now im sitting in a bus and the man behind me is wearing some kind of parfume that smells really good, and then it reminded me of an old memory.
yeah, thats how i am. i love smelling wonderful smells and cherishing them in my mind as a memory. important or not certain smells remind me to certain things or memories. i remember when i was in elementary school one of the reasons i liked my first crush was because i liked the smell of his clothes; it always smelled like fresh laundry. hahaha, kinda silly if you think about it, but its true. maybe my nose is a bit too sensitive. i remember my friends laughing at me because i like smelling things, they called me "pengambuh" it means smeller in Indonesian (or maybe in Sundanese, im not sure). :p
but i just relized recently maybe thats just how i am, the smeller girl, with many memories for all sorts of smells :) is anyone like me too? or am i just the only one? :p

Friday, December 2, 2011

November FUN!

It's been too long since i last wrote in my blog! how have you been? It's gonna be winter soon here in Tokyo, but yet it's getting so cold already! today it was 6 degrees! I do love winter but i still want to enjoy autumn before the real winter starts..hehe
Anyway, i want to tell you about the fun places my friends and I went to last month. Last week, on November the 23rd, me, Edhika, Kidu, Mas Asad, Akira and Luqman went on a picnic! Actually we wanted to do 紅葉狩 (read : momijigari, it's taken from the word momiji which is the name of the Japanese maple tree). Momijigari, or most people just say momiji,  is the Japanese tradition of going to see scenic areas where the leaves in autumn has turn red. Usually people go on a hike to do this, but we were too lazy to go hiking so we had a picnic in a park not too far from where we live. We went to Inokashira Koen (park). Too bad when we went there the leaves weren't all red yet, but still it was very pretty. We brought food to eat too. Edhika made oreo pudding, Akira made chicken burger while i made oreo muffins. We also road the boat, played UNO, and cards! Because we saw a lot of dogs peeing on the ground we decided to spread our sheets and sat down on the stage. While playing cards we were laughing so hard I'm pretty sure almost everyone  was looking, but i guess we didn't really care and actually we're kinda used to it. hehe.. Later that day there was a grandpa that was working there and told us that we weren't allowed to sit on the stage. We didn't really understand why we couldn't sit there because the only writing was that no one was allowed to perform on that stage, but oh well, it didn't really matter because fortunately we were also getting ready to go home so we didn't really feel too bummed out. :)
Here are some pictures from Luqman's handycam.

just imagine how loud we were :p

on Saturday, November 26th, we (Kidu, Edhika, Luqman and I) went to disneyland! yeaaaay~~
It was so much fun, we didn't go on too many rides, probably only 4 or 5 (?) , since it was a weekend so there were so many people but even waiting in line was fun for us, especially when there was a parade near the place we were lining up so we were singing along and taking picture and totally forgot that we were waiting to get on a ride, hehe :)
I must say, disneyland is really like entering your childhood storybook. For me personally, I think I'll never grow too old for it. And even though someday i go there more than 10 times, i won't get bored (but probably become broke!!) hehehe
If you get the chance to go to Tokyo, I'd really recommend going there, it's like a dream come true!
i'd like to share some pictures of us that were also taken by Luqman's handycam.

we're here! 

this is one of the reasons why we had fun waiting :p

bye bye disneyland, thank you for all the fun!

November was really great, I had lots of fun and gained many new experiences too (and no, i'm not talking about the experience from travelling, other things of course, hehe)!
Anyway, how was your November? ;)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

hello again!

I'm back from my summer vacation, its been weeks actually, much to say but i still don't know where to start..what happened in the past 2 months or so? lots! :) many, many things happened, including changes. yeah, changes, there are times when you want to change but you can't, and in others sometimes the changes happen out of your control weather you like it or not. what changes happened in my life? i'd rather not say specifically, but i can certainly say nothing and no one didn't change, change is a part of our life that we have to face with open hands, hoping it can make us a better and stronger person.

i have a really great quote, its not about change, but i was strong enough to make me melt :
Di saat apapun, barakah itu membawakan kebahagiaan.
Sebuah letup kegembiraan di hati, kelapangan di dada,
kejernihan di akal, dan rasa nikmat di jasad.
Barakah itu memberi suasana lain dan mencurahkan keceriaan musim semi.
Barakah itu membawakan senyum meski air mata menitik-nitik.
Barakah itu menyergapkan rindu di tengah kejengkelan.
Barakah itu menyediakan rengkuhan dan belaian lembut
di saat dada kita sesak oleh masalah. 
(Salim A. Fillah)


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ramadhan kareem

Alhamdulillah masih dikasih kesempatan sama Allah buat ngerasain indahnya bulan Ramadhan, with a special bonus; this year my first week of ramadhan will be spent in Japan. 
kemarin (hari pertama puasa) uda ada dua ujian yang salah satunya bikin dhilla susah tidur selama berhari-hari, and it turned out i couldn`t do it very well, i needed more time! tapi ya apa mau dikata, berusaha uda, sekarang tinggal berdoa buat hasil terbaik...2 down, 4 more to gooo! yesterday was also the first time i had iftar and did taraweh prayer at Camii Yoyogi Uehara Mosque, Alhamdulillah :)
today, the second day of ramadhan, dhilla pagi-pagi ngejalanin kewajiban "ngejaga" ruang komputer kampus, dan ternyata sepiii, beda banget sama minggu-minggu sebelumnya yang selalu penuh sampe-sampe printer-printernya selalu ngadat ini juga dhilla tulis selama lagi baito (kerja sambilan), hehe..Alhamdulillah again :)
kalau ditanya tentang kesan dhilla puasa selama hampir 16 jam di negeri sakura ini; my answer would be that this experience made me realize how lucky i have been to be in such a supporting environment in Indonesia, bisa ngejalaninnya bareng keluarga juga, tapi sayangnya, dhilla jadi semakin sadar kalau selama ini dhilla nyia-nyiain apa yang dhilla punya. kalau dirumah mana perlu mikirin mau sahur apa, bangun juga ada yang bangunin, solat juga lebih enak, banyak kesempatan buat berjamaah. here, things aren't the same. when i say it isni't the same, i'm not saying it in a bad way, tapi emang kenyataannya ya beda, disini kita belajar dan dipaksa buat lebih mandiri. ngerasain sahur sendirian (eh ga deng, malah tadi pagi sempet ditemenin gempa beberapa dekit, hehe) semoga ini semua bakalan jadi pengalaman yang suatu hari bisa dijadikan pelajaran.
happy fasting everyone, hopefully this Ramadhan will be a beginning of a brand new start! :)

Allah didn't promise us days without pain, laughter without sorrow and sun without rain, but He did promise us; strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way. :)
 - anonymous 

Friday, July 29, 2011

an answer from a dream

i didn't notice that i've only posted 1 time throughout this whole semester! Σ(っ゜Д゜;)っ
 i'm sorry *it's not like there's anyone that's actually waiting for a new post*, so i guess i'm apologizing to myself..hehe

anyway, do you know the saying that as you get older the problems that you have to face seem to be getting harder and harder? well, this is what i've felt this semester..i didn't say my days are full of gloomy faces, i'm thankful actually, but getting pass each day wasn't a breeze either. As a maturing young adult (whaat?! beuuh gaya banget ;p) there are a lot of things bothering my mind, but today as i had a short nap i had one of the longest dreams i could ever imagine. and in that dream all the questions that has been bothering me were answered. aaaah, i don't like it when this happens. dreams like this happen to me quite often actually and when ever it does it gets me hoping even more. :(
has this ever happened to you? 
sometimes the answer in my dream and in reality has no similarity what so ever, but sometimes, they're actually right, this is what scares me and why i don't like having dreams like these, huft..

next week i'll be having my final exam, please wish me luck (人*′Д`*)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

hanami for Rama's birthday

there's only one word that could describe yesterday, TERRIFIC. :}
i would say it was perfect but because we didn't get to ride on the boat, there was still a small piece missing, hehe.
so yesterday was Rama's 22nd birthday, and we (Edhika, Alifa, Akira, mas Asad, Luqman, Rama, Iqbal and i) decided to have hanami, hanami literally mean viewing flowers, it's a japanese tradition were we go for a picnic or walk while enjoying the view of the cherry blossom flowers. we went to an area near the imperial palace, its called Yasukuni Jinja.
we ate lunch under the cherry blossom tree, took pictures almost ever meter we went, had takoyaki, bought yaki soba *akhirnya ketemu juga yaki soba yang bisa dimakan*, had sakura cake and sakura dango which were super duper delicious, ditraktir rama makan indian curry Shiddique, there were just soooo many things that made that day great. but for me one of the highlights of the day was when we did our ashar and maghrib prayer together outside in the park. it just felt so peaceful. since i lived here, for me it was the first time to be able to pray in front of the public like that without having to worry someone will see us, hehehe *norak ya*, the other highlight was all the great pictures we took together. since the photographers were akira and rama, so the pictures are in their camera, but when i have the files i'll be sure to put them here too.
anyway, it was a really great day! were you're weekend great too? i hope they were. :}
now it's another monday, the start of a new week, i'll be starting school again soon, yeay, can't wait!
selamat kembali beraktivitas ya semua! :}


All photos are fully credited to Reihan Akira and Ramadhona Saville! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

quake-y oh quake-y

just a few minutes ago another quite big earth quake happened, it was 7,4 SR and there were also tsunami alerts for the affected areas like Miyagi-ken. since the past 3 weeks since March 11th there were soooo many earthquakes, but the one that just happened now reminded me of how it felt on that unpleasant day, March 11th.   things like these are just so unpredictable. but when it comes, am i ready? :(

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

perfect secrets breakeven :p

played on replay and i can't stop! :3

just beautiful ♥

today was such a lovely day! the weather was great, not too hot and not cold, now that's what i call spring, hehe :}
it was such a great day that after we took the new kouhais to look for a bicycle, we decided to go the park and eat taiyaki!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


me and my friend Edhika ordered button from steppie, and today they finally came! yeaaayyy~
some of our favorite youtube artists like, Aj Rafael, Jenny Suk and Cathy Nguyen were the models for steppie which made us more tempted to buy them! :]

Monday, April 4, 2011

choux ala creme

today i learned to make choux ala creme, or also known as cream puffs *kue sus bahasa indonesianya mah ;]*
i really liked making it, i also made 2 that's shaped as a swan!
can't wait to bake again sometime, hihi

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 11, 2011

helllooooo out there! ;]
it's been such a long time since i wrote in my blog..i had soooo many drafts but never had the mood to finish them, so here is one of them..

March 11, 2011 to me was like living in a real nightmare. It was the day of the largest earthquake in the history of Japan and the number 4th largest in the world since 1900, the earthquake was 9 SR, and at the same moment a horrible tsunami hit Sendai.
it started out like every other Friday but i wasn't feeling very well since the very moment i woke up. I just remembered that i should get started on making the scrapbook frame me and Edhika wanted to make for Mba Rany so at around 1 pm i went for a bike ride looking for materials to make it. I went to a store in near the Kyodo station and met Mba Rany and Mas asad (yappari, dunia emang sempit,hihi), and after buying the things i needed i rushed back home.
after i arrived i changed my clothes back to my pajamas, sat on the floor and started cutting out pieces of paper for the scrapbook, when all of a sudden i felt the ground shaking, at first i thought my headache was getting worse, but then i saw the glass window shaking, things on my desk have fallen down, and there were girls yelling in the lobby. i went to the lobby and saw my seniors (from other countries) panicking, they told me to come with them and get out of the dorm. i wasn't wearing my veil (hijab) and my dress pajama was only as long as my knees, outside was cold too, but i didn't have time to go back in, the dorm keeper was telling us all to get out, so i went outside in my pajamas and a pair of scissors in my hands (remember, i was cutting a piece of paper before the incidence). we waited outside near the gate of the girls dormitory. everything was shaking and vibrating, even the trees and the cars, everyone was panicking. one of my seniors hugged me. others were crying. "what's happening? what should we do? I don't want to die alone, we're gonna die alone" i heard one of my seniors say. at that moment i thought that it would have been the end for us and there was nothing we could do. but then after what felt like 10 minutes that felt like a life time, the earthquake stopped, and i ran back inside my room and called my mom, then my dad, then my brother, but no one picked up. eventually my mom picked up and i burst in too tears. i was scared because i was alone, none of my Indonesian seniors were in the dorm. my mom listened to me and tried to calm me down. i was really surprised because she didn't even sounded worried, she just told me that it was okay and said that earthquakes happen all the time in Japan. yeah, it was true, this wasn't my first earthquake since i was here, but this one was different, and my mom didn't know how big it was at that time. there was still another chance of another earthquake so after hanging up, i changed my clothes, wore my veil, and not so long after i was done, it came, the other big earthquake. i went outside again and found no one there, it turned out they were all evacuating in the university's gym, and i didn't know because after the first earthquake hit i was the first one to run back in the dorm while the others were still waiting outside. the second earthquake wasn't as long as the first and not as big either, but that was when the tsunami hit Sendai, and the news had spread around the world, and the phone network was disabled so we couldn't communicate. so this was the time my mom panicked and probably everyone else.. fortunately, Mba Rany and Mas Asad came back to the dorm and told me to get ready to evacuate to the University's gym, we went there together with other foreign students and everyone else that were near the university and was there until it was okay to leave.
things didn't get better immediately, earthquakes were happening almost every hour for a few days, food were all sold out everywhere, drinking water too, at least three nuclear reactors suffered explosions due to hydrogen gas that had built up within their outer containment buildings after cooling system failure causing the radiation level to rise, blackouts (which Alhamdulillah didn't happen in my area), transportation systems suffered severe disruptions, what seemed like everyone was trying to leave japan; leaving only about 5 people in Nodai's girls' dorm each night for about 2 many things happened, and if i told you every story this post would be waaaaaay too long, but the point is, despite of everything Japan is a really strong country. even though i'm not a Japanese and i have to admit as a foreigner in Japan there are so many times that i feel like a real "alien" but i really do love japan, it's my second home for now, and i'll always be praying for japan. 
musibah ini secara ga langsung ngajarin dla banyak hal, and i'm thankful for that. :) 

Monday, March 7, 2011

snowy spring day :)

it's suppose to be spring now in Tokyo, but today when i opened my window at around 10am, the view was covered with snow! at first i thought i was dreaming or something, then i opened the internet to see the weather forecast, and it was right, it wasn't a dream at all! :)

this is the view from my balcony this morning :

i couldn't wait any longer, i washed my face, brushed my teeth, took a slice of bread, put lil' Mibo and the Bunnies in my bag, and not forgetting my camera and umbrella, i rushed outside without even bothering to take a bath first, hehe, yeah, i love snow that much that i didn't want to miss anymore time of it because i knew the snow wouldn't last for long :)

Today Edhika had gone to Nigata, and i thought all my other friends were probably busy so i decided to take a walk through the university and the Baji koen park by myself.

girl's dorm
near Nodai's gate

playing with foot steps

didn't forget my polaroid :)
a small park in Nodai
Baji Koen
     while i was busy taking pictures of Mibo, my beloved danbo, i saw someone familiar. It was Mba Rany :)
so it turned out that she called me to ask if i wanted to go outside, but because i left my cellphone at home, i didn't get her call. but it didn't matter cause a day we thought would be a lonely day turned out to be great! we then had lunch at Karubi, a Yakiniku restaurant *it was my first time!* and enjoyed a cup of Sakura latte for me and a cup of hot coffee for Mba Rany. over all today was a great day!
dear old snow, please come again soon!

perih sesuai porsinya :)

this is just a re-post, i didn't make these words. i found from a really great blogger, and after asking her permission, i'm posting it here!

Itu cara Allah menyampaikan kasih sayang-Nya,
cara-Nya mengungkapkan betapa Ia cinta
bahwa Ia satu-satunya yang tetap ada dan setia
saat berjuta cinta manusia meninggalkanmu

mungkin, Allah pengen nunjukin..
saat manusia begitu mudahnya mengecewakanmu,
Ia tetap ada, setia menantikan sujudmu di 5 waktu hari-harimu
pun ketika kau berulang kali mengecewakan-Nya
Allah pasti menyiapkan yg terbaik untukmu,

yang terjadi hari ini,
adalah bagian dari training cinta-Nya
untuk menjadikanmu selangkah lebih bertaqwa,
insya Allah..

dan masihkah kita perlu menangisi setiap luka,
seandainya Allah gantikan perihnya dengan kenikmatan bertaqarrub pada-Nya?

haruskah kita menangisi kepergian orang-orang yang begitu kita cintai,
seandainya Allah gantikan kepergian mereka dengan keberadaan-Nya di setiap hela nafas kita?

Allah sengaja menyiapkan sakit itu.
karena Ia tau
hamba-Nya menjadi dewasa tidak semata-mata dengan kebahagiaan.

karena dalam hidup, perlu perih sesuai porsinya. (API, 2011)

do you agree? i do :)
so when ever you're sad. don't be. it's just God's way of showing you how much He loves you. ♥

Saturday, February 26, 2011

happy birthday, ibu ♥

I find myself wondering...
Did I give you your due?
For all that you've done for me
Did I ever thank you?

For all of my childhood memories
For helping me deal with life's stresses
For helping me accept my defeats
And celebrate my successes?
Or for teaching me the value of hard work,
Good judgment, courage, and being true?
The laughter, smiles, and quiet times we've shared
Did I ever thank you? 

If I have forgotten, I'm thanking you now
You taught me right from wrong....
I hope you know how much you're loved and appreciated
I hope you, instinctively, knew all along.
Happy Birthday momma :)
I hope that when you think of me, there's a part of you that you'll always see..

Ibu, when i tell you, you mean the world to me. Believe me that you really do, and maybe even the world isn't enough to tell you how you really do mean to me. :')

Sunday, February 6, 2011

lazy saturday

today i spent all day in my room doing so many random things,an example is i cooked salmon with carrots and onions! what was i thinking? (`へ´) *hehehe, but it didn't taste as bad as it sounds.
another thing i did was customizing my blog, yeaaay (^ε^)~

my current theme is water paint! and i made it myself. what do you think? for me personally; i have to be honest, i love it! hehehe :D
i got the picture for my header from here

oh ya, i've been watching "Life Unexpected" recently and i can't believe that on the 13th episode the first season ended, was really good..they say its like Gilmore Girls and Juno put together, and since Gilmore Girls is one of my all time favorite series, Life Unexpected became the runner up. anyway i'm gonna quote from a scene at the end of the last episode :
The laws of physics are basically the laws of life. With all the unpredictable chaos around us there are certain universal constants. Gravity, the speed of light… These constants never change. Even when everything else around them does. Life is full of unknowns and when those unknowns are too overwhelming, it’s the constants that we have to hold onto. Like our friends, the ones who are not afraid to tell us that there’s no such thing as normal. The ones who have been in our lives for every minute with you, even the hardest minutes. Like those who could have walked away, but chose to stick around. Even though they had their own lives, families, their own children. Like our parents. Because we wouldn’t be here without them. Who pick us up when we fall, who come when we call them, who answer when we knock. We all learned what a light-year is. And these years together have been our light-years. The years where everything became brighter, where we learned that the bright spots in our life aren’t merely spots, but constants. And no matter where I go or what I do, you are my constant.
honestly, i hate physics, and i never thought of life as physics, but i have to agree with the concept above.
no matter how much our life changes, but there are always things that remain constant. there are always those people that will always be our constant.
for everyone who could have walked away but chose to stick around; thank you for always being my constants.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

hati, mata, telinga (?)

"diberi jantung, malah minta hati, mata, telinga..."
                                                                                         fufufu,  -___-"

iya, kalau di dalam bahasa Indonesia memang ada peribahasa "diberi jantung minta hati." tapi klo menurut dla ini sih uda bukan minta hati aja. it's just too much. dan bodohnya, i gave it away, even though i know that they don't deserve any of it. what so ever.  

looking back

yeaay, my final exams are finally over! ♪♪(^ε^)
yeah, it's my final exam, that means this March i'm gonna be a sophomore *again* hehe..i just can't believe that i've been here for a whole school year (10months to be exact), it just seems like yesterday i arrived at Narita for the first time; it's still so fresh in my mind how happy Akira (my batch mate) and i were when we heard all the Japanese that were coming out of the airplane  saying "samui ne..*it's cold*" and we were laughing (dengan noraknya kalo diinget-inget lagi sekarang,hehe) because we actually knew what it meant, "samui" were one of the very few Japanese words i knew when i first arrived in Japan. I remember seeing the the cherry blossoms for the first time, and sitting beside Max (my 190cm tall friend) in the entrance ceremony and feeling like a tiny smurf compared to him. I also remember how confused it felt coming in to the University's cafeteria and ordering food from a vending machine, i remember seeing my friend Mook for the first time and thinking she looked like a magazine model, i even remember what clothes i were wearing on that day..all those small things sum up to a great memory for me. a priceless experience of a lifetime :)

looking back in life things can be so unpredictable. one of the things that made me realize this was because of a chat conference i had with my mom last night. all of a sudden my mom told me that sometimes she still can't believe that i'm here in Tokyo far away from her, far away from the family, doing everything by myself without her by my side *most of the times*. siapa yang bakal nyangka kalau dla bakal ketemu keluarga dla paling bagus setaun dua kali, atau paling tidak setaun sekali. and sometimes, to be honest, for me it's kinda hard.
this doesn't just go for me, but for everyone out there; "who ever thought they would be living a life that they are living right now.." no matter how well organized and planned out you had your life in store for you, but still it could never, NEVER, go out according to plan. akan selalu ada rezeki yang tak terduga, pelajaran-pelajaran yang harus dipelajari, secret happiness, and paths that we have to go through whether we like it or not. than again, destiny is what brings you back in place. Allah's decisions. you can deny it all you want, i know i do sometimes, but i know later in the future, we'll understand why we had to do what we had to do.

anywaaay, today i had a girls day out with Mook before she went back to Thailand for the spring holiday. We went to Harajuku and Shibuya. it was so much fun. we went to Kiddy Land and spent so much time looking at all the cute things inside, there was this really cute schedule book that i really really wanted to buy, but i decided destiny to tell me if i had to buy it or not. i'm planning to go there again in the next week; if the schedule book is still there than that book was destined for me and i'm gonna buy it, but if it isn't than i'll just have to buy another one, that is cheaper, hahaha (actually another reason i'm doing this, is because i'm gonna save some of my money first, because for a schedule book it's pretty pricey. hihi) :p

 this is the front of Kiddy Land. look at elmo, he's soo cute! >,<

note to myself : huaa, i can't believe that i'm gonna be a senpai *senior* soon, i don't even know if i'm ready! T^T

Saturday, January 15, 2011

lil' Mibo e09 : secret garden

baby bunnie boy and Mibo are out playing in a secret garden :)

lil' Mibo e08 : Meet the Bunnies

say hi to the bunnies :)
i loovvveee bunnies, if you go in my room its pretty obvious because my pencil case, my stuffed animals, and even my glass is shaped as a bunny.
These are "Sylvanian Families" doll, they come in all shape and sizes in all sorts of cute animals. The bunnies are of course my number one favorite. I've always wanted them since the very first day i saw them at a toy store, but my mom and dad said i couldn't buy it. But now i have a set, yeaaay~! :)
They were a present from my friend. And now they're Mibo's *my danbo* new family.

meet mama and papa bunnie
this is baby bunnie boy
 and they are the Bunnie Family

lil' Mibo e07 : a night with the lights

Mibo is at Shinjuku seeing the beautiful illumination lights! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

time flies!

Last two weeks me and my friends went to Mandarao to go on a snowbarding trip. It was great. I've never been snowboarding before, so it was my first time, and i can't even count how many times I've fallen down. I even got stuck in the snow and had to be pulled out by one of my friends, hehe, but it was so much fun and addictive too! Cant wait to go again next year! :)
Well anyway, I just wanted to write how shocked i am on how fast time goes by. its sooo fast, and sometimes too fast. I can still remember last March saying goodbye to my family and friends in the airport. But now it's already a new year and in a few months i'm gonna be sophomore! Time flies by so fast, i know a lot has happened, but it felt just like yesterday. It is just me, or is it true that the older we get it feels as if our time goes by faster? I just hope that we can make the best of the time we have left, and hopefully won't regret anything in the future.