Saturday, December 31, 2011

GOOD-bye 2011

Can you imagine that it's gonna be 2012 soon? Time goes by so fast doesn't it? It's so weird that it feels as if I've been living here for so long, doing the same routine, going to school (or should I say university?), doing cleaning service for dear OBS that has been so kind and hopefully will always be kind (hihihi, maafkan dhilla si pemalas yang akhir-akhir ini suka "susah" buat berangkat baito pagi), teaching Shinju & Sango, and now a new part time job.  It feels a lot has happened in such a short time, but it also feels like there was and is never enough time.. Confused? Yeah, me too, sorry for rambling like this, but when ever i talk about time, i have a lot to say but have no idea how to say it or even how to start, hehe (peace )

Have you seen the new movie called "In Time"? Well, i thought it was great! This movie really enlightened the viewers that the saying "Time is money" is not just a saying. The setting of the movie is a life when time really is money, you had to work to get time, and you used your time to spend on things just as if it was money, the only difference is that if you didn't have any more time, then you would die right that instant. I wouldn't want to spoil the movie for those who want to watch it, so i'm just gonna say that there's a big chance after watching it you'd  appreciate the time that has been given to you. As a muslim, since i was just a kid i'm always reminded that human beings are in big loss, except for people that can use their time wisely; people that believe, do good deeds, and help others in need (Al-Ashr : 1-3). Sometimes i forget, but my new resolution for 2012 is that hopefully i can use my time more wisely. 

2011 has been a wonderful year, just like the years before it has gave me an endless amount of lessons and experiences. And again, i feel Allah has blessed me with so much, while i have given so little. Many, many things to be grateful for this year. And I'm hoping for another wonderful year to come, a year where i can be a better daughter, sister, student, friend, co-worker -- mainly everything i already am and everything i will be in the future.

Happy new year everyone 

fallen for Instagram

Lately i've been posting a lot of my pictures in instagram! Instagram is a free app available for iPod, iPhone, and iPad, and yesss i'm addicted! hehehe, i love the fact that i's so simple but yet unique! I think its really helpful for people like me that loves photography but doesn't have any suitable equipment to support this so called passion, hehe! Does anyone else have an intagram account? If you like, you could visit mine at "dhillaughter" 

See you!! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

smells like a memory

right now im sitting in a bus and the man behind me is wearing some kind of parfume that smells really good, and then it reminded me of an old memory.
yeah, thats how i am. i love smelling wonderful smells and cherishing them in my mind as a memory. important or not certain smells remind me to certain things or memories. i remember when i was in elementary school one of the reasons i liked my first crush was because i liked the smell of his clothes; it always smelled like fresh laundry. hahaha, kinda silly if you think about it, but its true. maybe my nose is a bit too sensitive. i remember my friends laughing at me because i like smelling things, they called me "pengambuh" it means smeller in Indonesian (or maybe in Sundanese, im not sure). :p
but i just relized recently maybe thats just how i am, the smeller girl, with many memories for all sorts of smells :) is anyone like me too? or am i just the only one? :p

Friday, December 2, 2011

November FUN!

It's been too long since i last wrote in my blog! how have you been? It's gonna be winter soon here in Tokyo, but yet it's getting so cold already! today it was 6 degrees! I do love winter but i still want to enjoy autumn before the real winter starts..hehe
Anyway, i want to tell you about the fun places my friends and I went to last month. Last week, on November the 23rd, me, Edhika, Kidu, Mas Asad, Akira and Luqman went on a picnic! Actually we wanted to do 紅葉狩 (read : momijigari, it's taken from the word momiji which is the name of the Japanese maple tree). Momijigari, or most people just say momiji,  is the Japanese tradition of going to see scenic areas where the leaves in autumn has turn red. Usually people go on a hike to do this, but we were too lazy to go hiking so we had a picnic in a park not too far from where we live. We went to Inokashira Koen (park). Too bad when we went there the leaves weren't all red yet, but still it was very pretty. We brought food to eat too. Edhika made oreo pudding, Akira made chicken burger while i made oreo muffins. We also road the boat, played UNO, and cards! Because we saw a lot of dogs peeing on the ground we decided to spread our sheets and sat down on the stage. While playing cards we were laughing so hard I'm pretty sure almost everyone  was looking, but i guess we didn't really care and actually we're kinda used to it. hehe.. Later that day there was a grandpa that was working there and told us that we weren't allowed to sit on the stage. We didn't really understand why we couldn't sit there because the only writing was that no one was allowed to perform on that stage, but oh well, it didn't really matter because fortunately we were also getting ready to go home so we didn't really feel too bummed out. :)
Here are some pictures from Luqman's handycam.

just imagine how loud we were :p

on Saturday, November 26th, we (Kidu, Edhika, Luqman and I) went to disneyland! yeaaaay~~
It was so much fun, we didn't go on too many rides, probably only 4 or 5 (?) , since it was a weekend so there were so many people but even waiting in line was fun for us, especially when there was a parade near the place we were lining up so we were singing along and taking picture and totally forgot that we were waiting to get on a ride, hehe :)
I must say, disneyland is really like entering your childhood storybook. For me personally, I think I'll never grow too old for it. And even though someday i go there more than 10 times, i won't get bored (but probably become broke!!) hehehe
If you get the chance to go to Tokyo, I'd really recommend going there, it's like a dream come true!
i'd like to share some pictures of us that were also taken by Luqman's handycam.

we're here! 

this is one of the reasons why we had fun waiting :p

bye bye disneyland, thank you for all the fun!

November was really great, I had lots of fun and gained many new experiences too (and no, i'm not talking about the experience from travelling, other things of course, hehe)!
Anyway, how was your November? ;)