Sunday, January 3, 2010

a new start, a new page :)

Happy new year everyone! ;)

A new year, and now I have a blog! Yippyyy! This blog is a part of my new year resolution. So from now on, I’m gonna try to write my everyday life, what I feel, and maybe things that aren’t important at all. hehe

Pertama-tama dla cuma mau sekedar menginformasikan klo dla ga biasa ngomong ‘gw-lw’ jadi tolong dimengerti.hehe ..oyaa, dla = dhilla = me. hehe

Well, right now I’d like to look back at my life.
19 tahun 4 bulan 14 hari.Selama itu uda d kasi kesempatan bwt ngejalanin hidup.
It’s been 19 years trying to live life to the fullest, and yes, no one can say that "playing" the game of life is simple. Klo bwt dla pribadi, my life is like a roller coaster. If people in life have a turning point, than 2009 changed my life totally and in so many ways.
Sesuatu terjadi di taun ini, ga bsa d bilang sesuatu yang menyenangkan, tapi bener2 bermakna, ngebuka mata, hati, telinga dan pikiran. It made me become a better person (or at least that’s how I feel). I got the most bitter medicine anyone can ever think of, but like most people say only the bitter medicine works.
Ga semua di 2009 ini menyedihkan, banyak banget hikmah yang dla dpt juga..banyak hikmah yang dla peroleh secara ga terduga, some I have never even dreamed of before.. bener2 ngebuktiin betapa Maha Adilnya Allah itu…alhamdulillah yang tak terhingga… :D
I’ve learned a lot about life this year, one lesson I learned is that mankind can only plan, tapi Allah lah yang menentukan..i know I was wrong back then..betapa sombongnya manusia ini dengan mengira bahwa apa yang uda direncanakan“pasti” bakal tercapai as long as we believe and all that blablabla talk, nutup mata buat semua kemungkinan lain yang bias aja terjadi, tapi Allah uda ngebuktiin betapa mudahnya membalikkan hati manusia dalam sekejap. Di dunia ini emang ga ada yang pasti, mungkin itu sebabnya kenapa kita ga boleh berharap sama orang lain karna cuma sama Allah kita boleh berharap. klo sama Allah berharap itu harus setinggi langit dan sedalam lautan, hhe.. dan kalo sma Allah kita ga akan kecewa.. ;)
God gives us what we need, not what we want..and I had to learn this the hard way.
Out here, how you live is who you are. A day starts before sunrise, and stretches until it’s too dark to see. The view changes but the land never does. It’s not where you end up, but what you do along the way. No roof but the sky, no walls but the wind, and some lucky people get to call it home. Out here there’s no such things as strangers. Just friends we haven’t met. Where the land seems to stretch out forever, theres always one time of the year when all trails lead home, because a person is what a person does. Walaupun di taun 2009 terbukti salah prinsip dla “I treat people the way I want to be treated so people will treat me the way I treat them” I won’t change the way I’ve always been. Call me stupid or dumb, but I believe being nice is the best way to live because I now know a person is what a person does. Hehehe

Buka mata, hati telinga sesugguhnya masih ada yang lebih penting dari sekedar kata cinta, yang kau inginkan tak selalu yang kau butuhkan..

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