Wednesday, September 22, 2010

welcome, Miss Danbo

Finally, after waiting for more than a month our Danbo came! :)
Before the summer holidays, me, Edhika, Akira and Rama bought 4 mini danbos at amazon, and it was on sale! *Maaf ya rama, kita ngambil duluan..hehe
Say "Hi!" to Miss Danboooo~~

I haven't had time to open it yet, but just wait for all the adventures that me and Miss Danbo will take, soon *hopefully. ;)


  1. action figur danbo bahan-nya yang asli apakah dari kertas jeng?

  2. Wage : kalau yang ini danbo asli, bukan yang bikin sendiri, hehe :D

  3. cool and unyu unyu...some people says.