Monday, March 7, 2011

snowy spring day :)

it's suppose to be spring now in Tokyo, but today when i opened my window at around 10am, the view was covered with snow! at first i thought i was dreaming or something, then i opened the internet to see the weather forecast, and it was right, it wasn't a dream at all! :)

this is the view from my balcony this morning :

i couldn't wait any longer, i washed my face, brushed my teeth, took a slice of bread, put lil' Mibo and the Bunnies in my bag, and not forgetting my camera and umbrella, i rushed outside without even bothering to take a bath first, hehe, yeah, i love snow that much that i didn't want to miss anymore time of it because i knew the snow wouldn't last for long :)

Today Edhika had gone to Nigata, and i thought all my other friends were probably busy so i decided to take a walk through the university and the Baji koen park by myself.

girl's dorm
near Nodai's gate

playing with foot steps

didn't forget my polaroid :)
a small park in Nodai
Baji Koen
     while i was busy taking pictures of Mibo, my beloved danbo, i saw someone familiar. It was Mba Rany :)
so it turned out that she called me to ask if i wanted to go outside, but because i left my cellphone at home, i didn't get her call. but it didn't matter cause a day we thought would be a lonely day turned out to be great! we then had lunch at Karubi, a Yakiniku restaurant *it was my first time!* and enjoyed a cup of Sakura latte for me and a cup of hot coffee for Mba Rany. over all today was a great day!
dear old snow, please come again soon!

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