Monday, April 11, 2011

hanami for Rama's birthday

there's only one word that could describe yesterday, TERRIFIC. :}
i would say it was perfect but because we didn't get to ride on the boat, there was still a small piece missing, hehe.
so yesterday was Rama's 22nd birthday, and we (Edhika, Alifa, Akira, mas Asad, Luqman, Rama, Iqbal and i) decided to have hanami, hanami literally mean viewing flowers, it's a japanese tradition were we go for a picnic or walk while enjoying the view of the cherry blossom flowers. we went to an area near the imperial palace, its called Yasukuni Jinja.
we ate lunch under the cherry blossom tree, took pictures almost ever meter we went, had takoyaki, bought yaki soba *akhirnya ketemu juga yaki soba yang bisa dimakan*, had sakura cake and sakura dango which were super duper delicious, ditraktir rama makan indian curry Shiddique, there were just soooo many things that made that day great. but for me one of the highlights of the day was when we did our ashar and maghrib prayer together outside in the park. it just felt so peaceful. since i lived here, for me it was the first time to be able to pray in front of the public like that without having to worry someone will see us, hehehe *norak ya*, the other highlight was all the great pictures we took together. since the photographers were akira and rama, so the pictures are in their camera, but when i have the files i'll be sure to put them here too.
anyway, it was a really great day! were you're weekend great too? i hope they were. :}
now it's another monday, the start of a new week, i'll be starting school again soon, yeay, can't wait!
selamat kembali beraktivitas ya semua! :}


All photos are fully credited to Reihan Akira and Ramadhona Saville! :)


  1. nice pic!

    asik banget hanaminya :D

  2. i'll tell the photographers, hehe
    makasii yaa :3

  3. dil dil dil
    baru liaaat blognya, hehe,
    makasi banyak ya waktu itu ^^