Friday, July 29, 2011

an answer from a dream

i didn't notice that i've only posted 1 time throughout this whole semester! Σ(っ゜Д゜;)っ
 i'm sorry *it's not like there's anyone that's actually waiting for a new post*, so i guess i'm apologizing to myself..hehe

anyway, do you know the saying that as you get older the problems that you have to face seem to be getting harder and harder? well, this is what i've felt this semester..i didn't say my days are full of gloomy faces, i'm thankful actually, but getting pass each day wasn't a breeze either. As a maturing young adult (whaat?! beuuh gaya banget ;p) there are a lot of things bothering my mind, but today as i had a short nap i had one of the longest dreams i could ever imagine. and in that dream all the questions that has been bothering me were answered. aaaah, i don't like it when this happens. dreams like this happen to me quite often actually and when ever it does it gets me hoping even more. :(
has this ever happened to you? 
sometimes the answer in my dream and in reality has no similarity what so ever, but sometimes, they're actually right, this is what scares me and why i don't like having dreams like these, huft..

next week i'll be having my final exam, please wish me luck (人*′Д`*)

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