Saturday, October 8, 2011

hello again!

I'm back from my summer vacation, its been weeks actually, much to say but i still don't know where to start..what happened in the past 2 months or so? lots! :) many, many things happened, including changes. yeah, changes, there are times when you want to change but you can't, and in others sometimes the changes happen out of your control weather you like it or not. what changes happened in my life? i'd rather not say specifically, but i can certainly say nothing and no one didn't change, change is a part of our life that we have to face with open hands, hoping it can make us a better and stronger person.

i have a really great quote, its not about change, but i was strong enough to make me melt :
Di saat apapun, barakah itu membawakan kebahagiaan.
Sebuah letup kegembiraan di hati, kelapangan di dada,
kejernihan di akal, dan rasa nikmat di jasad.
Barakah itu memberi suasana lain dan mencurahkan keceriaan musim semi.
Barakah itu membawakan senyum meski air mata menitik-nitik.
Barakah itu menyergapkan rindu di tengah kejengkelan.
Barakah itu menyediakan rengkuhan dan belaian lembut
di saat dada kita sesak oleh masalah. 
(Salim A. Fillah)