Tuesday, December 6, 2011

smells like a memory

right now im sitting in a bus and the man behind me is wearing some kind of parfume that smells really good, and then it reminded me of an old memory.
yeah, thats how i am. i love smelling wonderful smells and cherishing them in my mind as a memory. important or not certain smells remind me to certain things or memories. i remember when i was in elementary school one of the reasons i liked my first crush was because i liked the smell of his clothes; it always smelled like fresh laundry. hahaha, kinda silly if you think about it, but its true. maybe my nose is a bit too sensitive. i remember my friends laughing at me because i like smelling things, they called me "pengambuh" it means smeller in Indonesian (or maybe in Sundanese, im not sure). :p
but i just relized recently maybe thats just how i am, the smeller girl, with many memories for all sorts of smells :) is anyone like me too? or am i just the only one? :p

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