Sunday, January 15, 2012

molten lava cake

So the last couple of weeks i had winter holiday (from December 27th - January 6th). On the first week i was mostly at home so i tried baking! I was gonna post this on that day, but i kept on forgetting, so, here it is! 
There are many times when i bake a cake, or muffin, or something else, it doesn't turn out quite as i expected, however even though this batch of molten lava cake weren't perfect either, i want to share the recipe with step by step pictures. It was really easy, and very few ingredients too.

First, you'll need 113 gr of semi sweet cooking chocolate. I didn't have that so i used 2 bars of regular chocolate instead, but one was the dark bitter type. Cut the chocolate so it would melt easier. While doing this, start to pre heat your oven at 180 C.

Next, you'll need 113 gr of butter. Cut the butter into small pieces too and put it in a microwaveable bowl with the chocolate. I was too lazy to melt the chocolate and butter on a stove, so i melted them by putting in the the microwave for 2 minutes.

Now in a separate bowl, crack 2 eggs, add 75 gr of sugar, and whisk them together (i used a mixer) until fluffy.

When you're done, add the melted chocolate and butter to the egg and sugar mix, and stir it until its even (don't use a mixer). After that add 40 gr of all purpose flour and mix until incorporated.

If it's well mixed, put the chocolate mix into ramekins that has been greased with butter. Since i didn't have any ramekins, i used a silicon muffin pan. And now it's ready to go in your oven! Pop it in to the pre-heated oven, set it to 180 C, and bake it for 10 minutes. It's better to just bake it for exactly 10 minutes because if you put it in longer, the lava in the middle might be too cooked. But, if you prefer it that way then it's up to you. :)
sprinkle on some suger powder and enjoy!

Note : as you can see i am no cook, the great cooks that made this recipe can be found on this link. hehe.. and i'm sorry for the bad quality of photos. i guess taking pictures while snowboarding in a snow storm did affect my camera. hehe..

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