Friday, April 27, 2012

played on repeat!

Someone is waiting
someone who understands exactly how you feel, exactly how you feel..
someone is dreaming
someone is hoping just that this will be the day, that this will be the day..
that you take your eyes off the ground, out of the blue
and see that someone is looking right back at you..

maybe that someone's me, maybe it's meant to be
lovers, strangers
sometimes bombs fall quietly..
maybe it's chemistry
maybe it's hard to see that someone is the right one
i hope that someone is me..

nobody's perfect, nobody's perfect, no one really knows the truth
all we've got a point of view..
and there's too many questions
there's too many questions and too many reasons not to try
there's too many reasons not to try..

but you should take your eyes off the ground
out of the blue
and see that someone is looking right
back at you..

where ya gonna go from here??
cause everything you need's out there
and you can have it if you dare
if you dare
there's someone somewhere..

Well, i recently bought this song in itunes and have been loving it since..for me personally, i like songs that aren`t too mainstream, sometimes i like the feeling that i get when i listen to songs that aren`t common for others but is special to me. I don`t know why though, maybe that`s just my taste in music, how bout you? Ever felt that way?


  1. postingan2nya sangat menarik dan bermanfaat,,terus menulis,,karena dengan menulis kita bisa mengembangkan imajinasi kita dan menjadikan kita lebih kretaif ^_^

    salam kenal
    kalau berkenan silahkan mampir ke EPICENTRUM
    folloback juga ya buat nambah temen sesama blooger,,tukeran link juga boleh,,makasih..^_^

    1. terima kasih, salam kenal kembali, tadi dhilla habis blog walking ke blog kamu, bagus deh! keep on writing! :)