Thursday, May 24, 2012

happiness is simple

Its that time of the year again, just two months away from the month i've been waiting for the most; the best month of the year; Ramadhan! Time really does fly fast, faster than we'll ever realize. I feel all mixed up about how time flies, it gets me all sad, scared, happy and excited at the same time.

Anyway, today i woke up to find such beautiful weather outside, not too hot and still a lot of nice breezy air. Woke up to a ray of sunlight that peeked into my room from the crack between the curtains. I opened the curtain, and then opened my big window and looked up to the bright clear blue sky, and thought 「ああ~ いい天気だね」(such nice weather today). Yes, im happy. Happy for all the great things i have in life, happy for all the things i don't have either. Not knowing  the real reason why i am happy but all i can say is that i truly am happy. Days with beautiful weather like today makes me feel more grateful for how my life ended up, all the things that i have now, things that i have never even dreamed of 5 years ago, but its all real. This morning i had a light chat with my Japaneses room mate, something that was really rare cause shes usually very busy - getting up really early and heading home just to sleep - but i enjoy the short talks we seldom have. It was a great way to start the day. Later on i finished a drama i was watching called 「私が恋愛できない理由」, it had a good ending and that made me happy too. For lunch i went to the school's cafeteria with a friend and ate the usual menu, fried seafood set, today the squid was extra delicious and the cafeteria lady gave us extra kimchi, and yes that made me happy too. Everyone says that happiness is simple, and for me, today was one of those real example of that happy feeling you get out of really simple things. Alhamdulillah.