Thursday, March 7, 2013

big little brother

Abdurrahman Fathony Syaukat.
The name of a boy that is only 20 months younger than I am. We look alike, have many similar personalities but at the same time we're like the opposite poles of a magnet. I guess i'm the type of person that would do what is expected to be done, while he's more unique, unpredictable and has a mind of his own. This boy is my younger brother (even though most people think he's my older brother, hehe)

Like most siblings, when we were younger we also had our share of fighting. But ever since we both started to mature, we turned more into best friends. If something happened he usually would be the first person i contact, i would tell him everything while he would do the same with me. Even though we're close but i know sometimes i'm pretty harsh with him. I hardly ever get angry to other people, but with him even the simplest things could make me snap. Its not because i hate him or anything (not at all), i guess its because i also feel responsible for him, i couldn't bare to think of something bad happening to him and of course because he's my little brother.

Anyways, a few days ago i had the worst haircut ever! And i mean EVER! I was crying when i got back from the salon; i even had to go to another salon to get my hair fixed which made it even shorter :(
The next day when my brother came home from campus he told me he had something he wanted to give me. And guess what; he gave me a package of shampoo, conditioner and hair serum from Body Shop. He then said hopefully my hair could grow faster if i used it and i wouldn't feel sad anymore.
I knew he didn't have that much money left, but it was so touching that he was willing to use it for me.

You're the best my little tenyom! ai waf yu more than you would ever know 

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