Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Home Sick

Wow, finally, I’m in Tokyo. I’ve never imagined my life here, never ever…but now, here I am.
I’ve been here for 15 days, and yet a lot has happened.
Leaving wasn’t easy either.  Saying good bye to my family, friends, my life..
leaving everything I had behind, leaving everything I had comfort in, to start a new journey far, far away from home and the people I love. But despite of all that, im thankful for having such loving people in my life, and knowing you care and are all wishing the best for me means the world to me..yes, we might be far, but we’re never too far..
yeah, life here is great, great friends, food, environment..everything is new and exciting, every little thing like a can of hot milk tea from a vending machine to sitting in a class that I don’t understand one word the lecturer is saying, hehe..
im proud to say that for the first two weeks I was more than okay..but now, not knowing why, I’m home sick…I miss the little things back home that I wasn’t so thankful about back than but now means a lot to me..
I miss waking up to the annoying sound of my mom talking to me while I’m still half awake, I miss doing the subuh prayer together, I miss seeing my mom trying to get my dad to eat his vitamins, I miss the sound of my brother calling me pho phui and my dad calling me “boy”..i miss not having to think of what to eat for dinner, i miss taking the angkot to my campus, I miss being annoyed by the angkot driver that waits for the angkot to be full before he starts to drive, I miss getting late to class, I miss hearing lectures that I actually understand,hehe, I miss the sound of Uun waving and saying “di sini crut”, I miss having lunch together, I miss playing uno with you guys, I even miss going to botani! I miss hearing you my friends talk about their lovers, I miss telling you guys about my problems, I miss listening to your jokes, finding water from faculty to faculty to take wudhu and than finding a mosque that isn’t full..i miss driving “si biru”, I miss being my mom’s driver, I miss my family’s hugs and kisses, I miss eating together, I miss my room, my clothes..hehe..God, there could be thousands of things that I could tell you that I miss but im not here to complain. Because I know I got more than I lost..
Consider this as a way of making me become a better person, someone more thankful for the small things in life, someone more independent..
I still have a looong way to go but im trying the hardest I can be, im learning to be tough, im learning to be someone more defensive of my self (that’s what my room mate said, thank you kaa). On the way ive tripped and fell and have definitely hurt myself, but I know this is just the process.
My point is that, life is unpredictable, remember to be thankful of what you have and let the one above do the rest..i know im being klise, but it’s true, that you’ll never know what you had until it’s gone. 
I love you, mom, dad, little bro..
And of course, love you all, to everyone that has made my days so much colorful..thank you soo very much… miss youuu…


  1. semangat dilla !! mereka disini mengharapkan kamu berhasil !! ( jadi ikut terbawa denger ceritamu) :)...