Thursday, November 11, 2010


Doing arts and crafts is really something i looove doing, it's my passion! *haha, no not really, i'd be saying too much if i said that* So when ever i get the chance to make something, anything for someone at an occasion  i feel really really happy and i enjoy doing it. It's been quite a while since i made anything special, but yesterday i got the chance *and time* to make birthday cards! :)
i made 3 cards, one for Edhika from  us, at PPI (persatuan pelajar indonesia) Nodai, another for Akira also from PPI Nodai, and the last for Edhika again but from me personally. It's simple, and was really easy to make, but still i really enjoyed doing it and i hope they liked it as much as i liked making them! hehe
i don't really know yet what i want to be when i'm older, but after watching 500 days of summer i thought of working in a card company, like hallmark, because i always liked cards, even since i was in elementary school i really love making cards (ask my mom, she got a lot, even cards that aren't important at all, hehe), but  i don't know it's just a silly dream i have, and maybe someday it will happen or maybe it won't, but still i'll always like making cards. even though i'm not good at it either. hehe :)

little note : happy birthday Edhikaaaa, hope you have and had a great one :*

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