Monday, November 1, 2010

my first and unforgettable Shuukakusai

So, i might have told you a little bit about Shuukakusai, well, the second day was horrible, it was pouring rain, really cold, so cold that right after the noodles were made it became cold, and the worse part is we only got to open until 12 o'clock because there was a typhoon! huaa, uda lemes aja hari itu, we were all thinking of the worse, dan uda ga ada deh berharap bakal balik modal..dan lebih parahnya lagi the committee were thinking of not having the 3rd day of Shuukakusai if the weather was still bad, but dreams really do come true, the next day it was sunny :)
the third day was really tiring, there was a really loooong line waiting to buy mie goreng! seneng banget deh rasanya, even though everyone was tired, kita semua tetap semangat..hehe..this was my first Shuukakusai experience, it was bitter but sweet, and also unforgettable! :)
this is a picture taken before we opened our stand on the third day of Shuukakusai :
and this is a picture of us after having a post evaluation meeting, kumel, cape, bau mie, tapi senang! otsukaresamadeshita :)

my staff card :

and this is a picture of me and Edhika with the miniature of the house from one of my favourite movies ; UP! :)

this is a picture taken on the 2nd day, it's me and a monster..hehe

note : most pictures were taken from Mba Rany's camera, thank you mbaaa :) 

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