Saturday, January 15, 2011

lil' Mibo e08 : Meet the Bunnies

say hi to the bunnies :)
i loovvveee bunnies, if you go in my room its pretty obvious because my pencil case, my stuffed animals, and even my glass is shaped as a bunny.
These are "Sylvanian Families" doll, they come in all shape and sizes in all sorts of cute animals. The bunnies are of course my number one favorite. I've always wanted them since the very first day i saw them at a toy store, but my mom and dad said i couldn't buy it. But now i have a set, yeaaay~! :)
They were a present from my friend. And now they're Mibo's *my danbo* new family.

meet mama and papa bunnie
this is baby bunnie boy
 and they are the Bunnie Family

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