Sunday, February 6, 2011

lazy saturday

today i spent all day in my room doing so many random things,an example is i cooked salmon with carrots and onions! what was i thinking? (`へ´) *hehehe, but it didn't taste as bad as it sounds.
another thing i did was customizing my blog, yeaaay (^ε^)~

my current theme is water paint! and i made it myself. what do you think? for me personally; i have to be honest, i love it! hehehe :D
i got the picture for my header from here

oh ya, i've been watching "Life Unexpected" recently and i can't believe that on the 13th episode the first season ended, was really good..they say its like Gilmore Girls and Juno put together, and since Gilmore Girls is one of my all time favorite series, Life Unexpected became the runner up. anyway i'm gonna quote from a scene at the end of the last episode :
The laws of physics are basically the laws of life. With all the unpredictable chaos around us there are certain universal constants. Gravity, the speed of light… These constants never change. Even when everything else around them does. Life is full of unknowns and when those unknowns are too overwhelming, it’s the constants that we have to hold onto. Like our friends, the ones who are not afraid to tell us that there’s no such thing as normal. The ones who have been in our lives for every minute with you, even the hardest minutes. Like those who could have walked away, but chose to stick around. Even though they had their own lives, families, their own children. Like our parents. Because we wouldn’t be here without them. Who pick us up when we fall, who come when we call them, who answer when we knock. We all learned what a light-year is. And these years together have been our light-years. The years where everything became brighter, where we learned that the bright spots in our life aren’t merely spots, but constants. And no matter where I go or what I do, you are my constant.
honestly, i hate physics, and i never thought of life as physics, but i have to agree with the concept above.
no matter how much our life changes, but there are always things that remain constant. there are always those people that will always be our constant.
for everyone who could have walked away but chose to stick around; thank you for always being my constants.


  1. Dhilla~
    Aku juga diem2 suka ngintipin blog Dhilla lho~...=P
    Tapi karena akhir2 ini aku menghilang dari dunia perblog-an, jadi kelewat deh, theme baru Dhilla yang imut ini..!
    Btw, dari duuluuu pengen bikin theme blog sendiri, tapi niatnya kayaknya kurang kuat nih v_v (dan kemampuan artistiknya juga gak OK..=P)

  2. hihihi, mbaa, jadi maluu >,<
    makasi ya mbaa, aku suka banget blognya mba, suka so sweet cerita2nyaa..hehe
    ah mba mah pasti bisa, ntar jadinya lucu deh yakin dla, hehe, ayo mba bikiin :D