Saturday, February 5, 2011

looking back

yeaay, my final exams are finally over! ♪♪(^ε^)
yeah, it's my final exam, that means this March i'm gonna be a sophomore *again* hehe..i just can't believe that i've been here for a whole school year (10months to be exact), it just seems like yesterday i arrived at Narita for the first time; it's still so fresh in my mind how happy Akira (my batch mate) and i were when we heard all the Japanese that were coming out of the airplane  saying "samui ne..*it's cold*" and we were laughing (dengan noraknya kalo diinget-inget lagi sekarang,hehe) because we actually knew what it meant, "samui" were one of the very few Japanese words i knew when i first arrived in Japan. I remember seeing the the cherry blossoms for the first time, and sitting beside Max (my 190cm tall friend) in the entrance ceremony and feeling like a tiny smurf compared to him. I also remember how confused it felt coming in to the University's cafeteria and ordering food from a vending machine, i remember seeing my friend Mook for the first time and thinking she looked like a magazine model, i even remember what clothes i were wearing on that day..all those small things sum up to a great memory for me. a priceless experience of a lifetime :)

looking back in life things can be so unpredictable. one of the things that made me realize this was because of a chat conference i had with my mom last night. all of a sudden my mom told me that sometimes she still can't believe that i'm here in Tokyo far away from her, far away from the family, doing everything by myself without her by my side *most of the times*. siapa yang bakal nyangka kalau dla bakal ketemu keluarga dla paling bagus setaun dua kali, atau paling tidak setaun sekali. and sometimes, to be honest, for me it's kinda hard.
this doesn't just go for me, but for everyone out there; "who ever thought they would be living a life that they are living right now.." no matter how well organized and planned out you had your life in store for you, but still it could never, NEVER, go out according to plan. akan selalu ada rezeki yang tak terduga, pelajaran-pelajaran yang harus dipelajari, secret happiness, and paths that we have to go through whether we like it or not. than again, destiny is what brings you back in place. Allah's decisions. you can deny it all you want, i know i do sometimes, but i know later in the future, we'll understand why we had to do what we had to do.

anywaaay, today i had a girls day out with Mook before she went back to Thailand for the spring holiday. We went to Harajuku and Shibuya. it was so much fun. we went to Kiddy Land and spent so much time looking at all the cute things inside, there was this really cute schedule book that i really really wanted to buy, but i decided destiny to tell me if i had to buy it or not. i'm planning to go there again in the next week; if the schedule book is still there than that book was destined for me and i'm gonna buy it, but if it isn't than i'll just have to buy another one, that is cheaper, hahaha (actually another reason i'm doing this, is because i'm gonna save some of my money first, because for a schedule book it's pretty pricey. hihi) :p

 this is the front of Kiddy Land. look at elmo, he's soo cute! >,<

note to myself : huaa, i can't believe that i'm gonna be a senpai *senior* soon, i don't even know if i'm ready! T^T

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