Monday, December 17, 2012

Kyoto - Osaka TRIP!

I shouldn't be writing in my blog now. I should be making my presentation for my seminar class on Wednesday! But when it comes to making tasks im not that interested in, any slight unimportant thing will seem so much more interesting to me than to actually do what i'm suppose to do!
I was reading some stuff on a topic of what i might be doing for my thesis, but then i saw a nail clipper and decided i should really clip my nails now and just stopped reading and haven't continued since, hahaha

So other then doing something really useless, let me tell you about my Osaka & Kyoto trip with one of my best friends. Her name is Mook (i think i mentioned her before in some of my older posts). We were planning to have this trip for a while now but it just didn't seem to happen, until we realized that we didn't have much time left and just decided to go a few days before our departure. We searched the internet for the cheapest airplane or bus ticket and finally bought the last two seats for the bus to Osaka on November the 23rd.
I was expecting to get a normal bus, the ones i usually ride on to go snowboarding (a normal bus with normal seats) but it turns out the bus that we rode on was quite comfortable..everyone got their own seat and you could stretch your feet and sleep comfortably. That was a relief. :)

We arrived in Osaka at around 7am, we put our luggage in the locker, had breakfast, and headed off to Universal Studio Japan!
The rides were awesome! In USJ there's something called single rider, where you will get in line and sit in the remaining seats that are left in the rides..a normal line would take around 40 minutes in line, but using the single rider line we only waited for about 5 minutes! What a time saver.. So with using this trick we were able to enjoy our time, take lots of pictures and ride on 5 main rides in USJ!
Because it will be christmas soon there was a spectacular light show and carol which also got the Guinness world record for most light up on a single tree! It was really really cool!

 waiting for the light show and carol to start!

The next day we went to Kyoto! Finally, after 2.5 years living in Japan, i eventually get to see how pretty that historic city actually is.. It was the middle (almost the end actually) of autumn and all the leaves have turned red, yellow and orange, it was marvellous! We went to 金閣寺 (read : Kinkaku-ji) also known as the temple with the golden pavillon, 稲荷大神 (read : Inari Okami) famous for it's red torii along a path and last but not least 清水寺 (read : Kiyomizu Dera) one of the famous Buddhist temples that was being lite up after dark during the last weeks of autumn.

金閣時 - Kinkaku Temple

稲荷大神 - Inari Okami

 清水寺 - Kiyomizu Temple

One of our main purpose of this trip was to take many many pictures! Above are some of the pictures i took, oh yeah, but the picture of me was taken by Mook! :)

Can't wait for the next trips!

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