Sunday, August 1, 2010

summer's 祭り (matsuri)

Summer has arrived! *a month ago actually,hehehe* :)
I don't really like it though, I thought Bogor was hot enough, but Tokyo is wooorrseee..huhu

Anyway, this is my first summer in Tokyo, and i was soo impressed with all the festivals (祭り= matsuri) that were held.. they're everywhere! :)
So far i have been to 3 festivals.. Hotaru (fireflies) Matsuri, Kyodo Matsuri, and Setagaya Matsuri.

Hotaru Matsuri
i went with Mook and Pee Joice (from Thailand) and my friend *and also my senpai* Edhika..The main part of that festival was a big dome, there was a long line to get in the dome, but it was soo worth it. Inside the dome there were a million (or maybe more) fireflies..It was so dark inside so all we could see were the fireflies..too bad we couldn't take pictures, They really looked like the stars, and they were soooo beautiful. :)


the other Matsuri's are almost the same, and i enjoyed every one of them..

I also went to see the famous fireworks (Hanabi) that is held every was great! We all wore the traditional Japanese Yukata and Jinbe..i'll tell you more about it later on after i ask my senpai's for the pictures..hehe
have a great summer holiday!
can't believe i'll be heading back home soon..yeay!

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