Tuesday, January 29, 2013


If someone was to ask me what my weak points would be, i could give you a very long list starting from being shy, clumsy, skeptical to even having messy teeth. But if someone was to ask me what my strong points would be, i'd need a very long time to scribble down a few words, which in the end would probably be less than ten. But i guess the one thing that i'm pretty sure would be on my list is my patience; even though i'm not sure if it could be categorised as a strong point or as a weak one.
I'd admit that i do tolerante many things, which in some cases would have big impacts to myself. But i also realize that with this patience, sometimes people tend to treat me the wrong way. They would treat me differently because they know i would be patient enough to say, "its okay."
Sometimes, it really is okay. Really. But in other times, i'd just like that person to step into my shoes and let them understand for themselves without having to say so.
There's one thing that i think people should know about patience.

Patience doesn't mean waiting around forever. 
Patience doesn't mean waiting for the universe to give you what you deserve.
It means waiting around until your resolution has been reached; until a conclusion can be drawn.

So when someone has lost their patience, it doesn't mean they didn't try, or they didn't want it as bad as you thought, they did. But through their patience they have reached a logical conclusion and decided to move forward.

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