Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I started writing this blog around 4 years ago at the beginning of January; so it kinda became a tradition for me to write in my blog every new year day. So....
I know i say this all the time, but doesn't time just fly past us so fast? And yess, it is scary! However, i want to use this time to reflect on what 2012 has been for me.
It was a big year for sure! Many new experiences, many many things that i should be more grateful for.
* This year i got a new part time job; learned (and is still learning) many new things from it, and   enjoying it more and more along the way.
* I got to go to Michigan State University for the 12th International Student Summit! Met so many new friends, learned so many new things, opened my eyes on many new perspectives!
* Went to Kyoto and Osaka! Two places i've been wanting to go to for so long!
* Started ABC cooking! I recently signed up for a baking cake and bread class! I've always wanted to do something like this! It's one step closer for me to have my own bakery or cafe of some sort (even though there are still many million more steps to go, hehe)
* Enjoyed many deep conversations, with many people i care about; which some how has made me - a tad bit - wiser.
Many other things that i could never list one by one, but there is one that i think is pretty major that i got this year;
I learned to be more grateful.
It started when one of my best friends gave me this great book for my birthday. The title is "Dream Catcher" by Alanda Kariza. It was as if she knew i needed that book, she gave it to me at the perfect time. In that book there was a section where we had to list the good and bad points of a big decision we have made in the past. A decision that became our turning point. For me it was going to Japan. Leaving my third semester at Bogor Agricultural University majoring in a departement that i really really liked, Resources and Environmental Economics. Leaving my comfort zone. Leaving my family and friends, leaving all the organisations i was involved in at that time, everything. All this time i know i complained a lot, sometimes questioning was the decision i made a right one? But i never took the time to really think. And when i actually did and listed all the bad points and good points of my decision; it turned out i had only 6 bad points and 12 good ones. I stopped at 12 because the book only gave space for 12 points, but if there was room i know i could of listed more than that. It was only until then i realised what a horrible person i have been. How unfair, how selfish i was to not feel grateful of what i had. And now i know that the decision i made wasn't wrong (at all). What i learned is that sometimes you just have to stop questioning everything. Stop worrying and just enjoy it. And most important; be grateful for it. And eventually everything will fall in to place.

Many new dreams and wishes in store for 2013! Can't wait!
I'm hoping this year i can become a better person. I can learn to manage my time better so when 2014 comes i won't regret not using the time i had wisely.
Happy new year, lovely people