Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 was a lot of things to me.
many things that i thought weren't possible happened this year, and most of them were good things (Alhamdulillah).
many big questions in my life were answered this year, and most answers were what i know now is the best i could ever get.
this year i felt feelings that i've never felt before, and i'm grateful for every single one of them.
and most importantly, this year i was shown how much my family really means to me. 

dear 2010,
thank you for giving me people that loved, cared, hurt, worried, left, stayed, and cherished me in their own way, because those people are the reason i am who i am today.

i know a lot is in store for the year 2011, and i'm willing to give it my all.
happy new year everyone, may 2011 become the year when we become a better person for the people we love, people around us, and most importantly; for our selves. :)

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