Monday, December 13, 2010

the ticket

today i've been blogwalking to a few blogs, random blogs actually, but, entah secara kebetulan atau gimana, most of them were young moms, and reading their blogs makes me want to have a family of my own, secepatnya, hehehe, noo~ don't worry,  i'm just kidding, but in a way it's true too, their stories were really really beautiful..kayanya seru punya keluarga kecil sendiri, apalagi kalau jauh dari kampung halaman.
ninit yunita's blog was one of my favorites, she's one of my favorite writers too since i was in high school, her books test pack and kok putusin gw is a must read! i've read test pack 3 times but i still love it :)
anyway, there was this one, *well a few actually*, that i really really liked, but "a ticket to find your soulmate" was the one i loved can read it yourself but i liked it so much i can't stand not to quote it.
"Sometimes I wonder.
Maybe God gave us a ‘ticket’ to find your soulmate.
He is somewhere waiting for you at the airport.
Kita tidak pernah tahu berapa kali kita harus transit.
Kita tidak pernah tahu berapa kali kita harus mengalami patah hati.
Kita tidak pernah tahu kapan kita sampai.
One thing is for sure, when he proposed me… I know I have arrived to the right destination.
I checked the ticket.
I smiled.
perumpamaan jodoh dengan tiket emang pas banget menurut dla, i totally agree, kita emang ga akan pernah tahu sampai kita benar-benar sampai at our destination.
my flight might still be long until i reach the full stop to my destination, i've passed paradise, had turbulence, transited for vacations and got stuck in hurricanes from time to time, and there is probably still more to come, but one day when i finally arrive, all i hope for is that it would all feel right and i would know that the right person will be waiting for me at the airport of soulmate.
yeah, someday, that day, one day :)

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