Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010

actually there wasn't really anything special about this this date, i just wanted to share about the day i had yesterday :)
it was a normal Saturday and it started with doing the usual cleaning routine with the other indonesians. In the afternoon, after having lunch at home, edhika, Mba rany and I went to Royal Host to try the new ice cream, it was a special winter menu..kalau buat dla sih tujuan utama makan es krim itu karena salah satu toppingnya ada MACARON,  hehe, yeah, mungkin dla emang norak, cuman uda lama banget pengen nyobain kue itu, hehe, it looks soo cute, and it was really really good! おいしかった :)
macaron :)

after maghrib, at around 5pm, edhika, akira, rama and i went to shinjuku to see the winter illuminations, we also brought our danbos so they could play together..hehe
we were all so busy taking picture of our danbos that a lot of people asked us what we were holding, there was even a girl that wanted to take a picture of us and our danbos..hehe
our danbos

the illumination bellow is really popular for couples, each couple will go to the middle of the tree and press a button together, then the tree will light up a color, and each color has a different meaning, look at the line, everyone wanted to try it..hehe
to end the day, we eat soba and road our bikes back home from the station. well, yesterday was really fun, so i guess after having fun today its time to clean my room, cook, and do my homework..hope you had a wonderful weekend too :)

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