Wednesday, December 8, 2010

daddy's girl

Today i had a little chat with my dad, we didn't talk about anything too serious, we just talked about our day and new things that happened in the past week, he told me how he, my little brother, and my cousin went fishing the other day, he told me that they brought home 15 fishes! Wow, i thought, for someone who went fishing for the first time, they must be really good at it. But, actually it turned out that the fish that they actually caught were only 3, but they bought another 12 just to show off to my mom..hehe, and than it just hit me, im really missed out on a lot of things while i'm here. :(
My dad also told me about a new business he's doing and he apologized for not asking my permission first before he actually did it. i laughed when he said that, i said "dad, it's your money, you don't need my permission :)" and guess what he said in return "no, dear, nothing is my money, it's our money, the family's money."
i have to admit, my dad isn't always the first person i come to when i have a problem, and the one that knows all my stories is my mom not my dad, but my dad too has a very special place that no one else can replace. He's the one i can always count on, he's the one that the whole family can count on no matter what. My dad might not know this, but indirectly i have learned so much from him. He taught me how to give, and to care silently. He taught me to be grateful, and never gets tired of reminding me to be grateful for everything i have in life.
Dad, i know you might not read this, but i just want to say thank you, for everything you are and you gave. thank you, i could never pay you back.
When i was about to leave for japan i made my dad a video, its horrible actually, i didn't have much time to make it, but, this is the video. :)

despite how hard being a dad may be, im lucky to have a dad like my dad, and a loving family like mine, you guys mean the world to me ;)
and someday when i have a husband of my own i hope he'll be as great as my dad ;p

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