Thursday, October 14, 2010

bahasa, 語, language.

As usual I had class today and as my lecturer was talking i wrote down a quick note so that i wouldn't forget to include them in my presentation next week. I wrote in Indonesian : "Apa yg mau didpt dri org yg nontonnya apa dri presentasi kita."  Akira *my Indonesian friend* wasn't sitting very far away from me and read my note, and he said "Itu maksudnya apa dhil?" while taking my paper away. And after he said that i just realized how messy and totally wrong my Indonesian grammar is! Haha, we started to laugh. I wasn't using English grammar, or even Japanese grammar, it was a mixture of Indonesian, Japanese and English grammar put together. This is a picture of my note i was talking about.
Now I understand why my seniors always say that after living here for quite some time they get the languages mixed up. Living in Japan while having very minim Japanese ability, talking to Indonesians with Bahasa Indonesia, and having to communicate with friends all over the world with different English abilities is kind of a really fun challenge. Maybe my English didn't improve, my Japanese is getting a tiny winy bit better everyday, and my Indonesian is getting mixed up with all the other languages, but there are 2 abilities that are improving day by day. Body language and guessing. hehe :)
I really want to learn other languages, like Spanish and French, but i hope my Japanese will be much much ore better by than, 


  1. ahahahahha..
    that sentence is really confusing :p

    but actually i get what the point is..

    maybe it should be:
    "Maksud inti yang ingin disampaikan kepada pendengar presentasi kita itu apa?"

  2. hehehe, dodol bgt ya dhik :p
    でしょう? maksud hati mah begitu, yg tertulis ga ngerti knp jdi gitu, and after Akira corrected it the sentence became so short while mine was so long..hehehe