Saturday, October 9, 2010


I just watched episode 3 of glee season two, it wasn't one of my favorite episodes but it was really touching..It was about having a sick wasn't that sad actually, but i don't know why i couldn't stop made me think about my family back home..please, please, please dear God, give my family health, i'm too far away to take care of them, but please ya Allah, would you be so kind and take care of them for me?
please take care of everyone's family that is far away from them..because everyone is living life in fear of not being there at the times they are needed the most, so please, let us be there, and if not, let us know that You would be there instead..
Thank you :')

note to my best friend that has a sick parent :
be strong dear, don't worry, even though you're too far away, there will always be a greater strength watching over the people you love.. *big big hug*

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