Thursday, October 21, 2010

rainbow ♥

i love the rain, i love the smell of wet soil, the cold but warm feeling i get in the inside..
but more than anything, i love rainbows ♥
today is a rainy day, not heavy rain, just a light shower, and the weather is great! Autumn is my 2nd favorite season after winter..hehe
anyway, i love rainbows so much that's why my blog's title has something to do with rainbows :)
i don't just like how beautiful a rainbow is, but also the philosophy behind it. its as if a rainbow is one of God's proof that after something bad, or sad, there will always be something better waiting for you. maybe that's why our tear drops are water and not snow..hehe, maybe, just maybe..
right now on this rainy day, i'm listening to this song, hoping that today i might see a rainbow :)
"who ever you are, where will you be?
are you the same old dreamer out there waiting only for me?
waiting for love? waiting for the same old dreamer on the other side?
hoping that no matter how far i am gonna find my way to you, 
following a rainbow."


  1. oi
    hehe,keren dillll
    gw link ya ke blog gw

  2. check it out sis, i think youve got a maniac fan using your 'rainbow' out there.haha.have you saw it?