Thursday, October 7, 2010

YOU! the next generation's leaders!

This was actually a part of my report on ISS (the one i told you about in the earlier post) that I did for my Environment's class, but i liked it so much i want to share it here :) 
I really liked the closing ceremony, it was done wonderfully by Dr. Salvador Catelo from University of the Philippines Los Banos. His speech was so inspiring. This is a quote and also a sort of summary I took from the amazing speech he gave us:
“No doubt the next decades will be equally if not more challenging. We have to adapt a more proactive posture to help save wtaer, land, environment, the earth it's self. We need to go beyond the usual attitude, and do our share no matter how small it is. But, we are optimistic for the future because we continue to see the spirit of new generations of leaders from every global partner university. At this young era I praise of knowledge, the senior author of this book. The book that I call, The ISS. He carefully, resolutely, and patiently cropped it, the forward of this book that sectored under the development of future leaders in agriculture, food and environment. And I’m preferring to Professor Akimi Fujimoto *a Professor at Nodai*.
There is a six letter word that more or less describes the essence of this book, and I call it "LEGACY". L stands for Labor that will erupt the labor part for creating innovative ways to make a difference to the next letter E, which I call Environment, The next letter G stands for Global, and A stands for Agriculture which is the starting point of everything, without no agriculture, there would be no food or industries. Second of the last letter is C for Complacency, our complacency in the past has came up to this point, we kept on producing for the future generations, but who will address this complacency? And that is the last letter Y, for Youth. And You, as the next leader and now as a student participant. Those among you who want to dream big and concur the world need to be focus and know what you want as early as possible. This is a true Legacy.”
I have had thoughts that I was studying the wrong major, which is agriculture, but now I am more and more surer that the future of  the earth is in the hands of agriculture, and I want to take my part starting from now, no matter how small it might be.

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