Monday, October 18, 2010

perahu kertas

 Perahu kertas is one of my favorite books. It is written by Dewi Lestari (Dee) an inspiring Indonesian women. I got it as a birthday present from one of my best friends *thank you :}*. The book was actually really simple but not easy, it was smart but not difficult, sweet but not soggy, hehe, i know I'm so sorry, I might be really really bad with words, but i don't know how to quite describe it, you should read it for yourself and than you'll know what i mean.
You might have noticed that i'm a really melancholic type of girl with a really soft (no that's not right), easily touched (?) heart *lembek maksudnya aduh apa ya bahasa inggrisnya, tapi ga cengeng (not anymore that is), cengengnya cuman kalau nonton film sedih ajaa,hehe*. And this book touched my heart in so many ways..there's a lot of really good words and lessons i got from it, i liked it so much i even took pictures of it..too bad i left the book at home. and these are what I'd like to share :

quote #1 :
"Hati tidak pernah memilih. Hati dipilih. Hati tak perlu memilih. Ia selalu tahu kemana harus berlabuh. "
translation : "A heart never chooses, because it will be chosen. A heart doesn't need to choose, because it always knows where it should go."

 if you think about it, it's really true. in ever situation there's always that little voice inside of you, but it's our decision to listen to it or ignore it. in the end if it was never meant to be, than it will never be meant for us. no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you guard it, if it wasn't meant to be than you have to face it, let it go and prepare your self for a better answer. the answer that was meant to be. if you have to change who you are, than you know it wasn't destined to be yours.
quote #2
"Jatuh sedikit-sedikit, jangan sekaligus. Lebih baik tunggu sampai hatinya sembuh dan memutuskan dalam keadaan jernih, tanpa bayang-bayang siapapun."
translation : "If you fall its better to fall little by little, than to fall too hard at one time. It's better to wait until his/her (in this book's case it's his) heart has healed and decided in a clear condition, without the shadows of anyone else."

hmmm, if you're living in the shadows of somebody else than it's not worth it, you deserve to be yourself, to be happy and loved by the way you are, not by the way someone or something or some condition wants you to be. you deserve a happy life, a life you can call your own. and if by being yourself still didn't work out than don't force it to, it might not be your destiny. Let go, no matter how hard letting go might be, because if you don't, you'll never know what you've been missing out on. God doesn't give you what you want, but He gives you what you need, at the perfect time too. And if God takes something away from you, He promised that He will give you something better to replace it; cause in life, God will give you people that will hurt you, love you, to make learn and become the incredible person you were meant to be.

these are just my thoughts and some lessons i have learned in the past years and because of this book, it inspired *and reminded* me to write this, and so now, here it is, being shared with all of you.
i know life isn't easy for anybody, so i hope this has helped your life become a tiny winy bit better. :)


  1. :D baguuuss dhill quote2nya hehehe. apalagi yang ke 2.. tapi tetep belom punya mood buat baca ini. hehheh

  2. like this lahh...
    emg perahu kertas keren... simpel tapi ngena... :)