Friday, October 1, 2010

cinta tanah airku, INDONESIA :D

On the 29th of September until today, 1st of October, my university, Nodai (東京農業大学)and it's ISF members held the 10th International Student Summit (ISS). At the beginning there was a session about ISS members of the past, among them were two Inspiring Indonesian ladies, Mba Siti Jahroh and Mba Diastika, Mba Siti is a lecture at Bogor Agricultural University, while Mba Diastika had her undergraduate degree from Bogor Agricultural University, they were participants of the first ISS held. Both of them were given only about 8 minutes to tell us what ISS did to their lives. I don't know how to say this but they were both stunning in their own ways. And guess what, mereka juga pake jilbab, yeay! For me, it made me so proud, in Tokyo i'm so use to getting stared at weirdly, sometimes they even stop just to look at me from top to toe, and i can't say i'm always comfortable with that, dan iya, tentu saja mba Siti dan mba Diastika dipelototin sama semua orang, and they were looking at them with amazement. Mapres nya IPB juga dateng, namanya Purnawati Hustina, she was my senior in SMPN 4 Bogor, and she too wore a jilbab, and her presentation was amazing! Standing applause for you, Ka tina! :)
Me, and my friends; Edhika, Akira and Kiki also made a poster about Horta Doll, a project made by Bogor Agricultural University, dan di luar dugaan, banyak banget yang tertarik dan penegen beli, so we gave out the Hortas that we had. Bahkan ada salah satu sensei dan beberapa student lainnya yang dateng dan bilang  "Everyone from Indonesia was amazing!" Huaa, senangnyaa, jadi cinta Indonesia banget deh dla! Even though we are a minority, but it doesn't mean we don't stand out. :) 
Oh iyaa, I almost forgot, even the chairperson is from Indonesia, her name is Ayu and she is also my roommate! She sure did a great job! Congratulations, roomie!
I'm so happy to be an Indonesian!! Yeay! yeay! Indonesiaaa~ ♥
this is from kak Tina's camera, tapi ga lengkap orang Indonesianya, ntar cari yang lengkap deh..

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