Friday, October 15, 2010

bedspreads ♥

Even though today wasn't that sunny, i don't know why but i felt like washing my bed spread, blanket, and towels. After it was dry, i cleaned my whole room and put on the clean bedspread. I know this is totally random, but i just wanted to tell you that i have a thing with new bedspreads, not new as in just bought, but new from the laundry or closet..i love sleeping in the smell of clean sheets, it feels so comfy, and somehow close to home. :) i know it sounds so weird, but i'm just wondering, is this just me or does anybody else has this feeling too?
I try to change my sheets as often as i can, every week usually, but still i never get bored with that comfortable feeling it gives me.

good night, sleep tight, can't wait to get to sleep. ;)

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