Friday, October 15, 2010

goody bag!

After a long and tiring jog alone while listening to monkey majik, i decided to reward myself with a cup of Starbucks frozen drink, hehehehe, since i only had 500 yen in my pocket so i wasn't really sure what i wanted but i went anyway. Starbucks was inside a book store named Tsutaya, so before i ordered i went to see some books first. After looking, and going round and round in circles, a small shelf caught my eye. It was a shelf full of goody bags, one of them were 500 yen, as much money as i had, and i dont know why, after thinking for about 15 minutes i decided to buy it! hahaha, dodol emang si dhilla!
but it was okay, and there were a lot of things inside it! emang sih ada beberapa yang ga penting, tapi entah kenapa ada rasa kepuasan sendiri aja..hihi
*oh yeah, and of course i didn't buy a drink, but i went home with a big smile on my face :}

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